Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NatureBox Review

Hey guys! Happy holidays! This is a bit of a late review, but I ordered a NatureBox free trial last month. However, until now, I haven't had the time to review it.

What is NatureBox?
NatureBox is a monthly subscription site where your choice of healthy snacks delivered straight to your door. There are different subscription plans and over 100 different snacks to choose from.

NatureBox Review
The trial box comes with four sample-sized snacks and one full-sized snack, and each of the samples I received have between 100 and 140 calories. Overall, I really enjoyed these samples. Not only did they taste really good, they also came in small and convenient packages, which makes them really easy to bring around. The full membership, however, doesn't come in small packs, but includes five full-snack bags a month.

Individual Snack Review
When I first opened it, I was surprised to see that there were only cranberries! I thought since the product name was cranberry medley, there would be more than just cranberries. But then I read that they were "pomegranate and acai flavored dried cranberries with blueberries." (I should probably read that first, haha!) Anyhow, they were really good! I could definitely taste some of the pomegranate and acai flavor, and what's awesome is that it's packaged into a 100 calorie serving.

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I saw sea salt sun-crunch, but they turned out to be super adorable, bite-sized crackers! For 140 calories, there were only about 10 crackers, which to a big snacker like me was kind of disappointing, but they were nevertheless delicious! I really enjoyed the crunchy texture and nutty flavor. However, after five cookies, I began to think they were a bit too salty? Then again, they are sea salt sun-crunches, haha, and I have a pretty low tolerance for saltiness anyways.

Yum! These were definitely one of my favorites! I could definitely taste a mix of cashew and coconut. In fact, it tasted like I was biting into macaroons (with two Os! the coconut cookies!). The texture of these cashews was softer than that of regular cashews too, so you don't get the typical crunch but that added to the eating-a-cookie feel haha. It was good! 140 calories for a big handful of "cookies." YESS.

I've never had anything like these, but they were quite good! They have an incredible crunchy texture, which made them really fun to eat! I could taste the cinnamon-sugar coating, but it was actually really light so it didn't actually add too much flavor-wise. It was good nonetheless--again, really fun to eat!

This was the full size item that I received for the sample box. They were really good and I could taste the spices really well, but what freaked me out was that each ~1in diameter cookie was 100 calories! Eeks, and that was after I already ate three cookies, haha. Oops! Must have better self control next time~

Would I continue my subscription? Yes definitely. However, being a jobless college student in the midst of the holiday seasons, I decided to halt my subscription. I think I'll try starting up again in January or February? So yummy~

The pictures above belong to NatureBox. I simply added text to the images. (All the pictures on my phone got deleted. heh... heh... SOB)


  1. Oh, great post!
    Kiss from Poland and Happy New Year! :D

  2. Thanks Poppy! Happy New Year to you too!!

  3. This is my first reading a review about this box

  4. Yeah, I haven't heard of it until fairly recently either. I think I actually first saw it as an ad on Facebook haha :)

  5. ah nature box hah? Sounds interesting to me hehe! ^^ I love organic food c: and your blog is amazing, you got a new fan !!


  6. Hi Ashley! Thanks for your sweet comment!! Your blog is really cool too, hehe :)

  7. I've seen ads for these boxes and I've been intrigued! I'll have to actually order one now!

  8. Yay, haha. That's how I found out about NatureBox too--through Facebook ads! Let me know what you think about them! :D