Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DELICIOUS. Alcove Café & Bakery Review

Hey guys! I know this was a long while ago, but on Martin Luther King day, a couple friends and I went to Alcove Café & Bakery for brunch. Before I say anything else, let me just get this out there: It. Is. Heavenly. 

Not only did I really enjoyed the food, I loved the location, the outdoor seating, the ambiance, all of the energy, and oh my gosh, this is the perfect place to spend a cool, sunny morning. Everyone was just talking and cheerful, the sun was out, and even though we were sitting outside, the way Alcove was decorated just gives this full-of-life vibe!

When I was at Alcove, I felt like I had no worries in the world.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures to show what Alcove looks like! Nevertheless, I found a few from Yelp so that you guys get a sense of what the environment was like. Of course, credits go to the people who took these pictures.
Although there was a lot of people, the wait passed by pretty quickly. The way it works is a cashier will take your order at the front entrance, and then they'll seat you while you wait for your food. Most of the seating is outside, except for a small bar that they have inside.
Of course, I don't mind all of the outdoor seating when the weather is beautiful--haha, praise God, Los Angeles has beautiful weather :)

As for what I ordered, I got the Blackened Salmon Sandwich, which was delicious! One note though, the sandwich typically comes with a sesame brioche bun. However, I asked to replace the bun with sour dough bread, which in my opinion was a great choice!
My friends ordered the Shrimp + Crab Omelette...
And the (Kinda) Classic Benedict....
I haven't tried either of these, but my friends loved it, and both dishes looked delicious!

Since President's Day weekend is coming up, do you guys have any scrumptious plans?


  1. The food look delicious

  2. Doesn't it?! I love breakfast foods!

  3. omg I really want to eat all of them *cries* I'm also very glad you had a nice and enjoyable day hehe~

  4. oh god those are such big portions! is that how it normally is in western countries?

    the decorations and atmosphere look really great!

  5. Haha, yeah, at least in America! I'm happy we get big portions, but it's not good for our waist :P

  6. Thanks Ash!! :D You know how there's the people who live to eat and the people who eat to live? I'm definite the person who lives to eat o__o

  7. Looks like an amazing place :D

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