Friday, March 27, 2015

Where do people do during spring break? Apparently, Mexico!

Wahoo! So last week, I was able to go on a cruise with Carnival Imagination to Ensenada, Mexico. This was my first cruise ever, so I can't even begin to put into words how excited I was for this adventure! So much happened so good thing I took notes! Jkjk!

However, one thing to note ;) This post is going to focus mostly on my experiences and not what I ate during the cruise. I tried to combine everything together, but it was just impossible to fit all of the pictures in a reasonable amount of space! So, I'll do a cruise food post on another day!

Day 1
We arrived at the cruise terminal at around 3pm, but checking in took a while, so we didn't actually enter the ship until about 5. The first thing my friends and I were thinking about was FOOD! We were like lions with our eyes on the prey, haha. So we literally went to our room, dropped off our goods and headed out in search of food. The rest of our evening was spent browsing (and sampling) all of our food options!

Day 2
Catalina was our stop for today! Surprisingly, although it is nearing four year since I've lived in LA, I still hadn't gone to Catalina Island before. However, I'm happy to say I finally went! Catalina is incredibly beautiful, and my friends and I enjoyed a long leisurely walk around this peaceful, seaside town.
When we arrived back on ship, we on chilled on the top deck and watched the sunset! Of course, for dinner, we headed straight back to our chain of food options. Don't be surprised, but we visited all three of the major dining areas everyday, every dinner ;)

Day 3
Ensenada! My first time in Mexico! Ensenada was again a really beautiful and peaceful city. I enjoyed a trip to the local flea market and visited La Bufadora, one of the largest blowholes in North America!
 Sadly, the entire time I waited there were no major blow blasts of water :(
Anyhow, I had my first authentic Mexican taco and piƱa colada today as well! They were both delicious. Sadly, I don't know why, but I only got one taco. I know, let's hear the boos :(
Towards the end of our day in Mexico, we gazed into the endless waters on horseback! This was definitely my favorite part of the day. Not only were the horses adorable, the view was incredible as well! My conclusion for the day: Mexico has been such a sweetheart, and I want a horse!

Day 4
Today was an entire day on the ship with nowhere to go and nowhere to be! We woke up around noon, and just spent the afternoon chilling by pool on the upper deck. It was an incredible feeling seeing all the birds and seagulls fly above us. It seemed almost like they were swaying to the music that was playing on deck. 
We also watched one of the employees carve an ice sculpture (he took first place after his father in a national contest in Indonesia!), a hairy chest contest (interesting, right?), a music/dance performance (picture above), and of course, ate lots and lots of food~

Day 5
This was the last official day on the ship. The ship was actually already docked when we woke up. In fact, we woke up JUST in time to catch the last bit of breakfast. My last meal consisted of a bowl of oatmeal and fruits, some slices of smoked salmon, and coffee! Delicious way to end indeed.


  1. What a beautiful post! It sounds like you had an amazing trip! Catalina looks so lovely, and it's great to hear that you had such a fun Spring Break :D so jealous that you get to live in LA!!!

  2. What an amazing spring break! I just always did the fairly standard florida trip for Spring break. I should have upped my game! x

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  4. Looks like you had a great time !

  5. I went there a year ago and it is SO beautiful!! I'm so jealous you got to do all these fun activities!

  6. What a great post! Mexico seems amazing! :-)

  7. Mexico looks like so much fun! Your pictures are as beautiful as always :)

    The Style Roll

  8. Thanks! It was a moment of peace between the hectic school life :D

  9. Aww, maybe next time! I forgot to mention in this post, but the entire trip was less than $400, which for 4 nights and a whole bunch of food is an incredible price!! But Florida seems really fun as well! What do you usually do when you go there? :)

  10. Aww, thanks Harriet! Sadly, I'm moving to Houston in a little over a month!! But that will be an exciting adventure as well :)

  11. Haha, I know what you mean! Even though its only been a couple weeks, I'm already starting to miss this place. Maybe next time we should go together and relive this experience ;)