Sunday, April 5, 2015

Post-Cruise Sorrows: Missing the Food

Last week, I shared about my cruise to Ensenada, Mexico over Spring break. It was a super awesome experience and exactly what I needed between the busyness of school. Although this is long overdue, today's post is pretty much a photo dump of all the heartwarming, delicious food that I ate on this cruise. Look on:
Let me just say, the food on this cruise was really good! The pictures on this post came exclusively from the Spirit Dining Room, which was the ship's more sit-down, order and serve restaurant. Although the setting was more formal, we could nevertheless order whatever we wanted and however much we wanted.
Truth be told, by the time we arrived at the Spirit Dining Room, my friends and I have already gone to the buffets twice. Nevertheless, we still ordered two entrĂ©es per person as well as desserts and an extra to share. 
The food was so good, and we ate so much that praise the Lord we didn't get diabetes afterwards. Anyhow, happy Easter and I hope I've successfully convinced you to go on your own cruise!